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About Unsinkable Finance

It’s no secret that finance and general money management isn’t taught in schools. This causes people to make poor financial decisions and ultimately leads to financial stress. In today’s economy, it’s vital to understand how to not only manage your money but how to make more of it! This is where we come in!

Unsinkable Finance is all about providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make the best educated financial decisions and to help you not sink financially.

Keith Bachand

Keith Bachand


Investing | Stocks

Investing can be scary especially not knowing if the outcome will be what you expect. With so many investment products out there we can help you invest in what will truly bring you the best results. Many don’t even know what investing is and we can help!

Debt Management

Debt is your enemy and is the root of most people’s financial stress. Simply put its what keeps a lot of people up at night. We cover what it takes to avoid getting into debt and why many are in debt. Learn what it takes to avoid debt or get out of current debt.


Not surprising but many don’t know what it takes to retire in today’s day and age. Let us help you learn what it takes! A simple 401K will not allow most people to retire and unfortunately, we don’t know if social security will be around much longer.

Passive Income

It’s all the craze! After all, making more money can help relieve financial stress and help pay down debt! With so many ideas out there – we debunk passive income ideas to let you know what’s a reality and what’s not with these ideas!

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Holiday Overspending

Did you overspend during the holidays? It’s more common than you think. This episode is all about what to do if you went into debt over the holidays and how to avoid it next year!

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Real Estate Investing – Part 1

Real Estate is a great way to earn a passive income. From simply investing in rental properties to helping fund a building, there’s always a way to make it passive. In this episode, I cover how to create a passive income from acquiring properties and renting them out.

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